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Your benefits at a glance


  • reduced packaging costs
  • the Glass-wrap standardized modular packaging system, available from stock any time of the day with no more lead-times from external suppliers
  • works with almost any type of flat glass sheet for one or multiple sheets per packaging
  • the choice of single or multiple use packaging system

    • Glass-wrap multiple use packaging -if required or due to regulations- reduces the costs even more. It can be reused 10 times at the minimum, in praxis most likely many times more
    • materials are suitable for outside use, regardless of weather conditions
    • the cost of keeping track of racks and write-off for unaccounted racks, costing tens of millions of dollars per year, can be greatly reduced
    • no maintenance or testing of the packaging, as is required for the racks

  • even finished products such as aluminium doors and windows can be packed in Glass-wrap, so that both the glass and the aluminium are protected
  • when forwarding, no repacking required.



  • reduced transport costs
  • much wider availability of regular transport and parcel services for regional or worldwide transport, at the same time allowing for a greater distribution radius
  • efficiency in planning, shorter delivery times
  • one, just a few, or even a large number of glass sheets can be easily transported
  • more glass sheets delivered per transport, because with the Glass-wrap packaging system, cargo can be stacked both vertically and horizontally
  • no cost for return of transport racks
  • easy handling with the Glass-wrap tools, allowing for less specialized personnel
  • greatly reduced risk of damages and/or breakage
  • reduced or no more replacement costs automatically resulting in less (costly) delays for the customer
  • reduced investment in specialized solutions



  • reduced handling costs
  • the Glass-wrap packaging system and tools guarantee a simpler, more efficient handling of flat glass
  • reduction of costly investments in specialized glass handling equipment
  • reduced risk of damages and/or breakage
  • the packaging will safeguard the flat glass even when bumping into walls, falling over or being dropped
  • Glass-wrap ensures safer handling for employees reducing the risk of injury
  • reduced need for specialized personnel, thereby reducing the costs for education and training.


Warehousing and site storage

  • reduced warehousing and site storage cost
  • the possibility of High-Bay or pallet racking warehousing with the Glass-wrap packaging system
  • reduction of expensive square meters for storage or increased inventory in the same space
  • improved safety for employees resulting in less injuries
  • the packaging is resistant to extreme climatic conditions making it highly suitable for outside storage