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London, Watermark Place, United Kingdom
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Glass-wrap offers a new level of service

Reducing the cost and optimizing the logistics of flat glass

At Glass-wrap we aim to simplify and optimize your logistical processes and to substantially reduce your costs through use of the Glass-wrap packaging system.

What’s more, we would like to create the opportunity for you to increase your turnover, by offering a whole new level of service to your customers. A service that for example makes new distribution methods, such as internet sales, much simpler and efficient.

Whether regional or worldwide, your customers can now plan more efficiently and enjoy shorter delivery times due to the wider availability of regular transport. In many cases it won’t even be necessary to repack when forwarding to their customers.

Warehouse storage becomes simpler and more economical and glass sheets can now be handled easier, even by less specialized personnel. The specially developed Glass-wrap tools further help in simplifying this process.

In short: you create an enormous added value for all players in the flat glass industry and beyond, all the way to the consumer.