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The packaging system

Protects flat glass and simplifies logistics

Glass-wrap is the packaging system that protects flat glass from damage and simplifies transport, handling, warehousing and site storage.

In doing so it substantially reduces both direct and indirect costs that occur during these processes.

The standardized modular packaging system made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) for multiple use and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) for single use, is both ingenious and simple at the same time. What’s more, whilst driving down cost, both plastics are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly at the same time.

Its design creates extremely high static and dynamic pressure resistance and ensures that all edges and corners of the glass sheet(s) are well protected under all circumstances.

The outer edge and corner profiles are made from elastic yet very strong closed cell foam with an integrated strengthening profile.

This is combined with an inner retaining profile around the edges of the glass further increasing impact resistance.