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The reusability of flat glass packaging

Cost effective single use packaging

In more and more regions of the world, reusability of packaging is encouraged and/or its disposal regulated. At Glass-wrap, costs and environment go hand in hand.

That is why we encourage use of the Glass-wrap’s multiple use packaging system, whilst at the same time offering a highly effective, cost saving single use version for regions where this may not be applicable yet.

Manufactured in its multiple use EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) version, the Glass-wrap® packaging system as a whole or in part can be reused many times.

If not visibly damaged, this multiple use version will do its job 10 times at the minimum, in practice most likely many times more.

If multiple use is not feasible due to the lack of a closed loop logistical system, or for other reasons, the Glass-wrap single use EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) packaging system is by far the best option.

Used only once as single use packaging, it has essentially the same protective and logistical advantages as the multiple use EPP system including excellent shock absorption and dynamic and static pressure resistance.

At all times must the Glass-wrap® packaging meet the highest quality standards. With both the EPP and EPS versions, this quality is guaranteed.