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The packaging system for general cargo carriers

With Glass-wrap significantly more volume per transport

The transport of flat glass is a main concern. The packaging and transport costs are almost always disproportionately high. In various researched cases, companies were found to pay more for it then the actual cost of the product itself. In addition, when viewed globally, glass damage during transport varies from 0.5 up to 40%.

Glass-wrap solves this problem. The efficient packaging system ensures that damages are minimized and the costs substantially reduced.

  1. Any general cargo carrier can transport flat glass with Glass-wrap
    Full loads, just a few or even single glass sheets, can now be transported as general cargo in a fast, flexible and cost efficient manner and over much larger distances, even by transport and parcel services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT.

  2. Glass-wrap maximizes loading space used
    Glass-wrap packaging can be stowed horizontally and vertically, as well
    as stacked on top of one another in multiples. By exchanging the metal or wooden racks or crates for the resilient, lightweight, Glass-wrap packaging, use of the loading space can be maximized resulting in more volume per transport.

  3. Glass-wrap reduces additional costs
    The cost for return transport, keeping track of racks and write-off for unaccounted racks
    -costing tens of millions of dollars per year- can be greatly reduced.

  4. Glass-wrap minimizes damage and breakage
    The considerable reduction in damages and breakage that can be achieved is further proof of a safer mode of transport.
    This also results in less or no more replacement deliveries and thereby minimizes costly delays for the customer.

  5. Glass-wrap shortens loading times
    With the Glass-wrap packaging system loading times will be significantly reduced and non-productive waiting time can be avoided.

  6. Anyone can use Glass-wrap
    Because now also non-specialized personnel can handle flat glass when packaged with Glass-wrap, whilst at the same time their safety is greatly enhanced.