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The packaging system making flat glass handling simple

The overall cost reduction will be even higher with the specially developed Glass-wrap tools that guarantee a simpler, more effective handling of flat glass in the different types of transport, warehouses, processing shops and on site.

It reduces the need for costly investments in specialized glass handling equipment as well as the need for specialized personnel.

Glass-wrap reduces the percentage of breakage during warehousing. As a result, the need for minimum replacement stock, if required, is also automatically reduced.

It will safeguard the flat glass even when bumping into walls, falling over or being dropped.

It also ensures no delays on for example building sites because of broken or damaged glass, holding up the work, which may in turn lead to claims.

And, it reduces the risk of injuries amongst employees as well as all direct and indirectly related costs.

Glass-wrap ensures safer handling for employees making less specialized personnel possible. In doing so, it simplifies the recruitment of new personnel and the costs for education and training.

When forwarding to their customers, not having to package or organize special transport or equipment is a great advantage to glaziers and glass contractors. And, if they need to package themselves, the standardized modular Glass-wrap packaging system makes it child’s play.