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November 2015

London Watermark Place, United Kingdom

 ….another project where Glass-wrap saved more than it cost

Recently, a high-level glass installation project at Watermark Place in Central London was successfully completed using the Glass-wrap packaging system.

‘A clearly very successful project for all parties involved thanks to Glass-wrap’ said Ion Mereacre, owner of Glazing company Cornelius UK Ltd.

The management company of Watermark Place who represents the Owner, was amazed how safe, efficient and clean this type of operation can be executed when using Glass-wrap.  

They considered Glass-wrap to be the innovation in the glazing industry and that its use should be standard practice from now on to handle glass safely, economically and efficiently.

The Glass-wrap packaging system protected the new glass during transportation to site, handling on site and lifting, right up to its final placement in the façade element. What’s more, the same packaging was used for safe removal of the old glass after which it was cleaned and stored, ready for use on the next job.

Watch this video and see how the Glass-wrap packaging system protects flat glass, simplifies logistics and enhances safety for your projects.