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Glass-wrap and the FEURER Group

The company Glass-wrap has granted the exclusive rights to the FEURER Group for the production and sales of the Glass-wrap packaging system for Austria, Benelux, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

As a family owned company FEURER, with its subsidiaries FEURER Porsiplast, FEURER Febra and FEURER PPO can look back on 100 years of successful company history. Today the FEURER Group employs approximately 500 employees in Germany, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia and is partner of many well-known companies in Europe.

The FEURER Group GmbH has a clear mission: protecting products. From heat and cold, from pressure and damage. Therefore the FEURER Group develops and produces intelligent
-standardized and individualized- solutions in the ambit of plastic packaging and packaging logistics for example the automotive and other industrial sectors, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, food retail and hospitality sectors.


Klingenberger Str. 2

74336 Brackenheim


T: +49 (0) 7135 176 0

F: +49 (0) 7135 176 227



Glass-wrap division:

Mr. Florian Henrichs, sales manager
M: +49 151 27670658

Mr. Sven Schäufele, sales manager
M: +49 151 16144185