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Glass-wrap takes logistics of flat glass to the next level

Glass-wrap is a packaging system invented in Germany by Thomas Giller.

‘My company uses flat glass in high-end products and up to 25% of potential customer orders can not be serviced due to excessive transport cost. In some cases transport cost even exceeded the value of the actual product itself’, says Giller.

Thomas Giller took up the challenge of solving this problem and developed a packaging system for flat glass that allows it to be transported as general cargo by any transport company, simple, efficient and without damages.

In cooperation with the Feurer Group GmbH, specialists in packaging, R&D and production from Germany, the packaging system was then further developed into a series product.

The result: a standardized modular packaging system to protect the flat glass and a number of standard tools to simplify transport, handling, warehousing and site storage.

Glass-wrap, the newly developed packaging system for flat glass, fundamentally changes a more then 100 year old, complex and expensive form of logistics in this industry. Glass-wrap saves costs for just about every player in the flat glass supply chain.