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The brand

Hardly any material is so diversely intertwined with our modern life as glass. It shows its versatility every day, for example in architecture, transport, furniture, heat protection, display panels and, as a secure way of packaging.

Glass also holds a tremendous future potential.

The Glass-wrap brand stands as a symbol for flat glass packaging that saves more than it costs.

More over Glass-wrap is designed to

  • protect flat glass
  • simplify logistics
  • enhance safety.

Due to the international presence of Glass-wrap and the close contact it maintains with its partner specialists of varying cultures and historical background from around the world, a perfect mix is created through which both R&D and (applied) market knowhow are signalled in an early stadium and the combined innovative efforts made available to all customers very quickly.

This results in the best flat glass packaging there is. A packaging that already received a German innovation award.

At Glass-wrap, costs and environment go hand in hand. The development of the Glass-wrap packaging system not only forms a major contribution to your overall cost reduction and logistical benefits, but also to improving our environment. At all times must the Glass-wrap products meet these criteria as well as the highest quality standards.