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Code of Conduct

Integrity and loyalty are core values of Glass-wrap
The team of Glass-wrap puts the interests of her Licensees first. After all, our success is a direct result of your success.
We work together by encouraging each other to build lasting and successful working relationships in which respect, dignity, sincerity, loyalty and trust are essential.
Our vision and manner of operation is summarized in this Code of Conduct, which serves as a guide for the behaviour and interaction between the Glass-wrap team and its business partners as well as to society at large.

Value for Licensees
We offer services under terms that do not compromise our independent professional judgment and aim to create optimum value for our Licensees. We focus on continuously improving our services through investment in our knowledge and to share this know-how with our Licensees.
We are transparent with our partners about conflicts of interest that may occur and solution oriented in our way of solving these.

Respect for local laws, cultures and traditions
We comply with national laws and respect the cultures and traditions of the countries in which we operate. We support the principles of free enterprise and fair competition and observe applicable regulations. We promote, defend and support our legitimate business interests with due regard for the law and the interests of society.

Health and Safety
It is the duty of Glass-wrap and its Licensees to ensure that the working environment, in which Glass-wrap packaging is produced, is a safe and healthy working environment for all employees concerned.
As goes for production, so goes for those who work with our packaging. People in the flat glass and related industries may expect our packaging system to substantially contribute to their safety in handling the products it is designed to protect.

Child labour
Glass-wrap strongly rejects any form of child labour and will closely observe that such does not occur.
If however a form of child labour comes to our attention, Glass-wrap will make every effort to immediately put a stop to it. We expect our Licensees to act likewise and take prompt and decisive action if and when required.

Glass-wrap contributes substantially to a better environment both directly in the product itself as well as indirectly through its use.
For the packaging system and any further developments stemming from it, preferably only 100% recyclable materials are to be used. Our combined objective must always be to reduce our negative impact on the environment, both through the materials used as well as by reducing the impact of the industry using our products such as optimization of flat-glass transportation, thereby greatly reducing CO2 emissions.
Since growing scarcity of raw materials and resources urgently requires us to use packaging more efficiently, Glass-wrap promotes the use of its multiple-use packaging both for its substantial cost savings as well as reduced environmental impact.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct
The Glass-wrap team is also there to ensure this Code of Conduct is complied with and we would like to expect the same from our Licensees, their associates and other parties.